This is Art

‘Over a thousand productions full of energy
at the highest level.’

Passionate and energetic, a perfectionist with joie de vivre, that’s how clients describe Arthur van de Ven. As a child of a vibrant entrepreneurial family Arthur grows up with the mentality ‘work hard, play hard’.

From a young age Arthur gained a lot of experience at exclusive caterers and restaurants. After completing his study, he starts working as a commercial property developer and realizes leading real estate projects throughout the Netherlands. In 2010 he chose to follow his true passion: events and hospitality. He completed the educations for Chef and SWET-vinologist and made career as operational director and co-owner at a renowned high-end catering company.

After more than thousand productions at the highest level, Arthur starts Artventura in 2015. Born out of passion and love for the job, with a strong vision on event productions in the high segment.


Meet the art team members


GENERAL manager


project manager


Event manager


Content creator


Head of styling


Chief operator


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